Soft & Mild Low pH Cleanser

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Non-irritating & sulfate-free low pH cleaner. Formulated with a rich blend of natural botanical ingredients and mild acids with exfoliating, moisturizing and soothing action, it keeps your skin fresh, comfortable and blemish-free! Size 150ml


Soft & Mild low pH cleanser

With a rich blend of natural botanical ingredients, it cleanses and purifies your skin gently and without irritation. Its sulfate-free formula with slightly sub-acid pH maintains the balance of the skin and guarantees to maintain the natural oils from our dermis, which is essential for maintaining your health and preventing your skin from drying out or becoming irritated. The Tea Tree, along with various natural extracts, provides purifying properties and a gentle exfoliating effect. By removing dead cells and dirt, with daily use it regulates sebum secretion, minimizes pore size, prevents pimple outbreaks and refines the skin texture. You will love its pleasant texture and the incredible fresh, natural aroma of the Tea Tree!


Respecting the most sensitive and reactive skins, this cleanser leaves the skin very fresh and comfortable. Its antiseptic action improves acne and prevents blemishes, while its anti-inflammatory and soothing effect prevents redness and sensitive skin symptoms such as irritation, tightness and peeling. Shhh, you've found it... Finally a cleanser that respects your skin, cleanses deeply without over-stimulating or irritating your skin - and with a pleasant moisturizing effect after every use!

Its for you skin?

Suitable for all skin types, especially for mixed, oily, acneic, or more sensitive skin that is more prone to blemishes, redness or reacts easily.

Meet the ingredients!

tea tree
Tea Tree
illicium icon
Illicium Verum
Grapefruit seed
Grapefruit seed
bambu icon
portulaca icon
Portulaca Oleracea
Allantoin icon
Pineappl icon
papaya icon
Licorice con
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The Keys

Low pH formula

Most soaps, gels and facial cleansers are alkaline-based and cause a change in the pH of the skin, which is why it feels tight and irritated after cleaning. Our cleanser has a slightly acidic pH, like our skin, which is essential to maintain its balance and guarantees that the natural oils from our dermis stay intact, preventing our skin from drying out or becoming irritated.

  • Sulfate-free cleanser

    Both SLS and SLES are very powerful surfactants that effectively remove dirt, but together with it, part of our protective barrier is also removed, leaving the dermis defenceless and sensitive. That is why it is better to opt for other non-irritating and less aggressive cleansing agents - especially if you have sensitive, delicate, acneic skin or dermatitis, since these are the most vulnerable and need the most care. By washing your face every morning with this cleanser you will be caring for your skin and protecting its natural barrier.

Toxic-free formula

Its delicate hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula with high dermal tolerance, respectful and healthy, does not contain any type of toxic or irritant, being a product suitable for the most sensitive and reactive skins. This is why this cleanser does not contain sulphates, silicones, parabens, alcohol, potential allergens, synthetic dyes or fragrances, mineral oils or any other type of ingredient harmful to the skin.

How to use

Start by foaming the cleanser up in the palms of your hands. Massage over the entire face, previously moistened, using gentle, circular movements. Finish by rinsing off with warm water. Dry your face and continue with your next skin care steps TIP: When finished, rinse your face once again with cold water to tone and help close the pores.

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Limpia fenomenal

Me he vuelto adicta a este limpiador, la textura es super acuosa pero es muy agradable al contacto con la piel, tiene un olor super fresquito y la sensación de limpieza es super agradable, deja la piel muy limpia sin ninguna irritación (cosa difícil) y no me resaca<br />

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Estoy encantada de haber descubierto este limpiador. Es muy suave, no me deja la piel tirante. He probado otros limpiadores con ph ácido pero ninguno es tan suave con la piel como este.

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He pedido 3 más!

Ha sido probarlo y la misma semana he pedido tres mas (dos de repuesto y uno para mi novio que también le ha encantado), no se que es pero no tiene nada que ver con un limpaidor normal, este te deja la piel con sensación de limpieza pero sin secarla o sensación tirante. ¡Es una pasada, en serio! Me gusta mucho.

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Ideal para el dia a dia. Lo he incluido en mi rutina. Perfecto.

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Un limpiador limpiador te deja la piel limpia y suave, sin resecar como otros, me ha encantado.

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